Local Paper: Quit Picking on Trump!

Another day, another column on page A-4 of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph moaning about how poor Donald Trump is being treated unfairly.

Charles Owens apparently believes being “duly elected” immunizes a president from impeachment, even if his actions are blatantly unethical and illegal.

Mr. Owens criticizes a Congress who supposedly does nothing except investigate Trump.

…Demand more from our elected leaders in Washington. Tell them to do their jobs. Tell them to pass meaningful legislation that will improve our daily lives.

Being in the news business, I’d think he’d be aware the bipartisan House of Representatives has sent literally dozens of bills to the Senate, where they languish because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring them to the floor.

Just stop for a minute and think about how much money has been wasted to date on all of these investigations in Washington, and the whole impeachment mess.

The Mueller investigation actually made a tidy profit for the government from seizures of assets owned by Trump’s crooked pals who ended up going to prison.

Again, since he is supposed to be a newsman, you would think Mr .Owens should be aware of that.

The impeachment process may not be a moneymaker but it is the job of Congress to investigate wrongdoing by the executive branch.

Owens saying there is no wrongdoing is as laughable as similar statements from other conservatives, since the evidence presented is overwhelming to anyone who doesn’t believe Faux Snooze is fair, balanced and truthful.

In a backhanded insult to Virginia voters, Owens insinuates they’re gullible fools who were persuaded to pull the lever for Democrats simply because of the investigations.

Maybe the voters were simply sick of how the GOP ran things in the Commonwealth?

I guess a few catch phrases or far too overly repeated words stood out in 2019. Russia collusion. Mueller. Impeachment. Whistleblower. Blue wave.

Speaking of overly repeated catchphrases, Charles, here’s a few you missed: MAGA. Lock her up. Witch hunt. Total exoneration.

1 thought on “Local Paper: Quit Picking on Trump!”

  1. Your criticisms of C.O. are on point about this particular column.

    I’m sure C.O. is a very nice man, but his weekly columns are vapid and repetitive. He obviously has a problem thinking of something to write each week (and has admitted it on occasion) and frequently falls back on some variation of nostalgia for what he sees as “the good old days.” I understand that the BDT gives every reporter and editor his or her own column to fill space, but the only one worth reading, in my opinion, is Charles Boothe’s. He’s a good writer, and even when he turns nostalgic or writes about family, he always has a larger point. Greg Jordan’ column is good about 50% of the time–He sometimes turns up little-known facts or expands on a previously written news story in a worthwhile way, plus he has tarantulas and other interesting pets! Emily Coppola, on the other hand. has turned into the new what-was-his-name (Blake?), spouting Bible verses and injecting a simplistic moral lesson into every situation she writes about. When she first came to the BDT, she was green but a decent reporter/writer. Working at the BDT has ruined her, including her grammar and punctuation. Too fond of the thesaurus, too.

    Despite my criticisms, I say bless them all. As journalists, they have a difficult job to begin with, and when the behind-the-scenes pressure of loss of ad revenue and subscribers is added in, they deserve better. But so do we as readers!

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