No More Lies, No More Passivity

This country has probably never been more politically divided than it is at this point in time. Certain politicians have learned that is is more effective (and easier) to spout disinformation, or outright lies, than it is to do actual research or discuss the issues of the day rationally.

We should never forget that deprived of the aura imparted by the trappings of power, politicians are just as human as the rest of us, and thus far from perfect — and should be held accountable every time they spread untruths.

But rather than just lay blame on the shoulders of our elected officials, we should also blame ourselves for permitting this type of behavior. The divide we see in our political system isn’t merely the product of those we elect, it is a product of the American electorate. In other words, you and me. We citizens should not reward lies with votes.

In a perfect society, politicians caught being untruthful to the people would be removed from office either immediately or in the next election. Instead, we the people tend to reward politicians who spout lies that support our own individual beliefs, rather than listen to genuine truths that might force us to rethink our personal world view.

When the public supports a politician who has nothing but contempt for the truth, the outcome can be disastrous. We have given them the power to do whatever they wish, with no fear of consequence. No one in any political party deserves that kind of power.

Blind devotion to any political figure is dangerous. No matter how much we might like a certain office holder; no matter how closely their views align with ours, we should always have a certain amount of doubt in our minds and scrutinize their words and deeds.

Propaganda can be a powerful thing. It makes us feel good. It reinforces what we already believe. It makes us think we are on the right side. Politicians know this and therefore aren’t inclined to be as truthful as they should… as long as they keep saying what they know we want to hear.

It’s long past time we see better behavior from those we elect to serve us, from local government on up. However, we won’t see better behavior until we begin to take everything these officials say with a large grain of salt. Don’t blindly take any politician at their word.

Question those in office. Research their claims using multiple sources and not just your favorite news channel. Be skeptical. Hold their feet to the fire when needed. Never forget those we elect are not truly our leaders, they are our employees.

These are dangerous times… our enemies continue to actively work against us, the coronavirus is not going to just vanish, and radicals both to the left and right are sowing discord to tear this country apart.

To sit passively by is simply no longer an option.

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