Welcome to Tattoo Vampire’s Bar, Grill and Flophouse. Thanks for the visit. You’re going to find left-leaning posts here for the most part because I’m a proud liberal. Tender Trump fans might not like this blog.

I don’t despise conservatives… except those who willingly align themselves with Donald Trump, who is the worst president of the last 100 years or so. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

I post about things other than politics on occasion, so hopefully I’ll make you laugh once in a while, or give you something you genuinely find amusing or informative. I’m interested in pretty much anything to do with science, technology, people and society.

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As of this writing West Virginia is the only state in the country with no confirmed cases of the coronavirus.
As the state legislature fumbles its way through another session, absentee governor Jim Justice is busy coaching girls' basketball and
A panicked Trump administration has announced it will ask Congress for at least $2.5 billion in additional funding to fight
Company meetings are often dreary, which can lead to minds wandering. It's difficult to appear smart and attentive if your