The Art of the Snow Job

“Let me tell you exactly what my message is: The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care,” Donald Trump said recently. “You watch.”

We’ve already sat through this act once. Trump made the same grand promise in 2018, touting insurance for everybody, regardless of their ability to pay. He then presented absolutely no means to accomplish this.

Voters saw through the snake oil sales pitch, however, and sent enough Republicans home from the House to hand control to the Democrats.

Now, in 2019, Don, the King of the Con Job, is back with the same tired routine that failed to keep the House under GOP control. Just wait, we’re working on something terrific for health care. It will be truly spectacular, we promise.

Except once again there is nothing of substance behind the boast. To quote Aerosmith, “Same old story, same old song and dance, my friends.”

Trump has shown again and again he engages in no strategic thinking or long term planning when it comes to governing the country. He flies by the seat of his pants, day after day, month after month.

Policy decrees by Tweet. Flip-flopping on important decisions like a foundered flounder on a beach. Dozens of much-ballyhooed but largely symbolic executive orders.

His supporters gush about how Trump has changed the function of the presidency for the better with his unorthodox style. The problem is there really is no style, no rhyme or reason.

He plays it by ear. Anything Trump says today may be contradicted by what he says tomorrow — and he’s still likely to eventually deny he said anything at all.

If you’re still looking for a grand plan behind the nearly daily craziness that is the Trump administration, give up. You’ll never find it because the plan does not exist.

His defenders will remain steadfast in their belief that there is some kind of method behind the madness. The rest of us (actually, most of us according to polls) will continue to shake our heads in dismay, because so little of what comes from this administration makes any sense.

Despite the stage smiles on the faces of Congressional Republicans when they’re with Don the Con, they’re just as concerned as the majority of Americans. They honestly don’t know what to make of him, either, and it shows with every rictus grin on their rigid faces.

There’s no doubt Trump actually believes he’s the most amazing president in decades. Such is his gaudy, gold plated vanity.

The “Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz” turned out to be a phony; a projected image accompanied by flashy special effects, controlled by a hidden carnival huckster.

The “Great and Powerful President Trump” is no different. Once you peek behind the curtain, you discover this president’s true face… and it’s that of yet another charlatan.

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