Trump’s Tsunami of Untruths

That Donald Trump is a compulsive liar is pretty obvious to most people, whether they will admit it or not. His lies are so blatant and numerous that the collective eyes and ears of the country — indeed, the entire world — grow weary from frenetic attempts to keep up with them all.

Lying is an intrinsic part of who Trump is. He lies about virtually everything even when telling the truth would be more beneficial to him. The man simply can’t help it. One wonders sometimes if he even knows he is lying, or worse yet, if he could actually believe his lies are the truth.

He lies about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. He lies about his perceived enemies. He lies about his taxes. He lies about our taxes. He lies about immigration. He lies about his businesses. He lies about trade. He lies about the Mueller investigation. He lies in front of large crowds. He lies in front of small groups. He lies about big things. He lies about little things. He lies when lying about other lies.

When thinking of lying presidents, the first person who pops into most peoples’ minds is Richard Nixon. Condemned to be forever remembered by his nickname, “Tricky Dick”, Nixon resigned the presidency in August 1974 when his lies about Watergate finally caught up to him.

I remember Nixon as being a bit slimy and sometimes playing fast and loose with facts — but no worse than many other politicians past and present, especially when cornered and lashing out in self defense. Virtually any one of us will lie to protect ourselves from embarrassment or punishment. Trump lies as a matter of course even when his lies gain him absolutely nothing.

Lying is like breathing to him; essentially autonomous and done without conscious thought. If he talks, no matter the subject or the situation, he’s going to slip in a lie or three or seven because such is the nature of an inherently dishonest person.

According to clinical psychologist David Ley, “Some people get so accustomed to lying that they do so even when there is no clear purpose, and when their lies are easily disproven, leaving everyone scratching their heads over the point of their deceptions.”

Ley provides five reasons why some people repeatedly lie. “The number one reason people lie when it doesn’t matter is that they actually do think it matters” even when “everyone around them thinks it’s an inconsequential issue.”

Second, “people tell lies because they are trying to control a situation” because “the truth can be inconvenient.”

Third, “people who tell lie after lie are often worried about losing the respect of those around them.”

Fourth, “Lies snowball” so more lies become necessary to cover previous lies.

Fifth, repetitive liars seem to create “a completely alternate world in their heads, one that conforms to their moment-by-moment beliefs and needs.”

Compulsive liars like Donald Trump have no accountability and will never apologize for lying. Instead, “they’ll say it’s your fault.” People trying to correct the never ending stream of lies (like the press) become “enemies of the people” and actual facts become “fake news.”

When the firehose stream of lies becomes overwhelming, the media is simply unable to document each and every false statement as they happen and call out Trump for his dishonesty. And we all know the old adage about a lie being repeated loud and long enough becoming the truth.

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